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VANESSA HUDGENS The Spring Breaker Channels Joan Jet For Paper Mag
Feb 20th 2013, 19:30


Oh my. I’m not sure what to really think about this new photo spread of Vanessa Hudgens for Paper Magazine. I mean, I know she’s supposed to be channeling Joan Jett here, but I’m getting more of a Gwen Stefani/Harajuku vibe! LOL.

Inside the mag, the actress talks about her leaked nude photos, how she’s trying to move on from Disney and why she wanted to work with James Franco. Here are some highlights of what she says:

Her homeschooling included Disneyland trips: "I don't know if it was very conducive to a good learning style, but it was fun. In 10,000 hours, they say you can master anything. 10,000 hours in Disneyland and you're the queen of Disney."

On her leaked nude photos: "That was just a really sh-tty situation that sucked. That was by far the worst moment of my career."

On moving on from Disney: "It's always been hard for actors to cross that bridge but honestly, you have to hold out and do what you think is right for yourself. But I also think it is about finding someone who truly believes in you. Harmony took a really big jump in hiring me and Selena [Gomez] and Ashley [Benson]."

She wanted to work with "avant garde" James Franco: "I saw that James was already attached and I am his biggest fan. I thought, 'I need to be in this movie.') I still don't know him," Hudgens says in wonderment. "I have no idea who James Franco is. He's that into method acting. He comes on set as his character. In between scenes, he is still his character. When I first saw him, I was speechless because he just completely transformed himself. The way he talked, with that accent… Everything he does is so organic."

On playing a drug-addicted prostitute in Frozen: "Ever since I was young, I wanted to play really heavy and intense roles and really push myself in a dramatic direction. So I was like, 'A prostitute! I can play a prostitute! This is going to be exciting.'"

She's protective: "There are a lot of paparazzi outside, just so you know. So don't get freaked out and scared. Pulling a basketball cap far down on her face, Hudgens whispers, "I'm always afraid that when I'm wearing a hat, I'm just going to run into a pole or something."

She still loves Disney: "There's nothing more fun than being drunk at Disneyland," she giggles.

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Photos via Paper Mag

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